Corte Sconta – Taste of the Sea [Venice, Italy]

At the entrance of Corte Sconta is there prepared table settings.


We were led to a table outside in a very nice, soothing atmosphere.

There were a few dishes so ridiculously delicious here. They are all part of the antipasti course menu.

Small pieces of sliced bread came with crab miso paste on the side.


This was amazing. Crab miso is located at the gut of the crab and is the part with the most bitter taste. This paste went so well with the bite sized white bread.

A simple bowl of clams.


These were the strongest tasting clams I had ever eaten. We were thinking these would go really well with spaghetti.

Lastly a large surprise.


Simply wow, before experiencing this dish I didn’t even know there were so many ways to prepare seafood. Anchovies came with tomato sauce. Shrimp, octopus and squid were all included in this phenomenal dish. This was a sharing portion for four people.

I had the pleasure of eating other dishes also, but these were the ones that I enjoyed the most. When visiting Corte Sconta, make sure to order the antipasti course.



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