Osteria da Pasqualino Gubitosa – Anchovies and Onion Soup Dish [Lucca, Italy]

The service at Osteria da Pasqualino Gubitosa was extremely well conducted. The owner greeted our table, which led to conversations on wine and the restaurant.


I especially enjoyed the Deep fried anchovies with onion soup dish which was the first dish of the chef’s three part appetizers.


The dish had a thin slice of tomato and basil leaf as finishing touches. Onion soup did not cover the entire anchovies allowing the customer to enjoy the crispiness of the fried delicacy. The strong taste of the anchovies was mellowed out by the onion soup creating a perfect equilibrium.

After our meal I was lucky to snap a shot of the chefs through the kitchen window. They both turned for my photo and even gave me a thumbs up.


We were truly comfortable at this restaurant, the service was more than friendly and enjoyable. If I was a local I would definitely make the effort to come to this restaurant frequently.

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