Cantina Gattavechi Cucina di Lilian – Classic Italian Flavors [Montepulciano, Italy]

During my day time visit to Montepulciano, I visited a restaurant using extremely fresh ingredients for their dishes.


I visited the basement cellar of the restaurant where the wine was aging. The different types of wine were being prepared in large wood barrels.


The meal started off with some plane white bread, with a crunchy exterior.


For the starter, we had the Bruschetta. This dish was simply amazing. Freshly sliced tomatoes were placed on top of white bread. Olive oil and black pepper enhanced the flavor of the dish. Quality olive oil being used on fresh, moisturized, juicy tomatoes was unbearable. The olive oil made the texture of the tomatoes extremely smooth and mellow.


For my main I ordered the wild mushroom Tagliatelle. By the first bite I could tell these mushrooms were special. They were cut very small and had a slippery texture to them. Appropriately thick Tagliatelle was a surprisingly great combination with the other ingredients. Black pepper was added and a mound of Parmesan cheese came on the side.



For dessert, we shared a small Pecorino flan doused in sweet syrup. This dish was ridiculously good. The texture of the cheese infused pudding was thicker than that of regular egg pudding. Each bite was rich, sweet and satisfying.


Cantina Gattavechi really used their ingredients in a smart way. All the flavors seem to come together and create exceptionally delicious dishes.

Via di Collazzi, 74
Montepulciano, Italy


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