Ristorante Life – Delicious Black Truffles [Rome,Italy] 

Life is where I tried my first pasta in Italy.

The moderately formal restaurant has outdoor and indoor seats. We were seated at a table covered in white cloth inside.

For my starter I tried Beef Carpaccio with rucola and black truffle.

The soft and chewy texture of the beef was decorated with the strong scent of olive oil and black truffle. After my first bite I tried the Carpaccio with the rucola. The bitterness gave the dish some depth and variety in bites.

For my main, I had the Carbonara.

I had been looking forward to trying pasta in Italy and this dish lived up to my expectations. The spaghetti was especially starchy and the Panchetta was crispy. It resulted in a dish with strong flavors, which I enjoyed very much.

As a side dish we had mashed potatoes with black truffle.

The truffles on this dish were the same as that on the Carpaccio. Just delicious. The potatoes were crushed finely and doused with olive oil. In America potatoes are flavored with bacon, chives and sour cream. In Italy, they are topped with black truffles.

Ristorante Life was especially pleasing, make sure to order the dishes with black truffles.

Via della Vite 28
Rome, Italy

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