Tsuta Ramen | First Michelin Starred Ramen [Singapore]

I have finally found ramen in Singapore that is comparable to those served in Japan. In Japan, there are many specialty ramen shops that has its own flavor and uniqueness. When I am in Japan I search for the best ramen shops and usually each one is different from the next.

However in Singapore, I was not able to find a ramen shop that offers this kind of unique flavor. This changed after I tasted the first Michelin starred ramen. Since then, I have visited the store three times in the last four months.

On my third visit, I ordered the Char Siu Ajitama Shoyu Soba with extra noodles ($23.80 SGD).

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

After giving the order, I sat down and waited.

A few minutes later a simple looking Japanese ramen was served in front of me. I took a sip of the soup. The sharp taste of the truffle enhanced the soy sauce to make a complicated and clear taste. I took another bite, I couldn’t seem to stop. Before I knew it I was biting into the tender char siu and perfectly cooked egg. The shredded onions also went well with the char siu and noodles. I finished all the noodles and toppings and drank ever sip of the soup.

After the meal, I was satisfied to say the least.

Even thought the queue may be long, if you are a ramen lover you must visit this ramen shop. I recommend going at slightly odd times to be able to gain entry quickly.

Taste: 9.1/10 
Atmosphere: All counter seats encircling where the chefs work 
Service: Servers show you to your seat 

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