Bariuma | Thick Tonkotsu Ramen At Tanglin Area [Singapore]

Servers greet you with an energetic, “irashaimase!” when you enter the store. This is how every ramen store greets people in Japan, so I was glad that the standard was the same in Singapore. This day in particular I had a craving for rich tonkotsu (pork broth) soup. Which is exactly what I ordered.

2017-05-22 09.02.16 1.jpg

The Ajitama-Uma was so rich and came with a delicious flavored egg (SGD $14.90). The extra topping of kara-miso added an extra punch after I got familiarized with the original soup. The ramen also had the essential ingredients such as scallions, bamboo shoots and of course char-siu. For those that like a heavy satisfying ramen this is the place to be.

Taste: 7.2/10
Service: 7.4/10
Atmosphere: Loud ramen restaurant with a steady flow of customers

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