Atlas Coffeehouse | Cafe Serving Nice Coffee and Strong Flavors [Singapore]

The sun shined into a dimly lit Atlas Coffeehouse as servers admired the filled tables. Customers shared larger tables producing a community friendly atmosphere. I decided to order the Aglio Olio.


The pasta was loaded with shredded Parmesan and herbs.

The first bite was powerful. Salt and oil flavored the softly cooked pasta incredibly well. Sadly after the first bite each one was heavier and less satisfying. Enjoy that first bite.

I ordered the truffle fries ($8 SGD).


This dish was also loaded heavily with shredded Parmesan along with a generous amount of truffle oil. The fries were crunchy and gave that addictive flavor that truffle fries are supposed to have. Coffee made at the back with a large machine was also delicious and gave me a noon boost.


This cafe has many strong flavors, if you are looking for dishes that pack a punch this is the place to go.

Taste: 7.3/10
Atmosphere: Crowded cafe with some shared tables
Service: Counter service 

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