Da Luca Italian Restaurant | One of the Best Tiramisu [Singapore]

We were feeling some authentic Italian cuisine. If you haven’t noticed by Italian cuisine is one of my favorite. A lot of my reviews and posts are about Italian restaurants because I cannot get enough of the vibrant and rich flavors. Da Luca Italian provided some of the most profound flavors I have tasted in Italian dishes. The restaurant experience was a delight.

For our starters we ordered the roasted Tuscan Portobello with eggs, asparagas and parma ham ($22 SGD).


The dish looked like an Italian breakfast! The Portobello mushroom was a generous size and tasted nothing short of excellent. The sunny side up eggs and asparagus were cooked to perfection. The plate really balanced itself out. Asparagus and mushroom gave off rather bitter flavors which accommodated the saltiness of the parma ham and the density of the egg yolk. If you are a breakfast lover, this is a must have appetizer.

For our second appetizer we tried the deep fried calamari that came with three different types of sauces ($24 SGD)! These were arrabbiata, tartar and spicy cocktail sauces. My favorite was the tartar sauce. The chunks of calamari were also a good size and is definitely worth the price.


For my pasta dish I ordered the squid ink pasta decorated with two shrimps. The squid ink had a strong taste of tomato sauce. As a result the dish was quite heavy, with every bite taking a toll on my appetite. Personally, I thought the dish was too well flavored and salted. However, for those that really like a heavy squid ink pasta, this dish is a prime choice.


If you have read my other posts you can see that I tried the tiramisu at different Italian restaurants. I can confidently say that this was the richest and creamiest tiramisu I had to date.

The tiramisu came in a glass cup, showcasing the color of the cream, chocolate and coffee. Every lick was an adventure. This tiramisu will take you for twists and turns of deliciousness. It will leave you wanting more.


I apologize for not being able to provide the cost of the pasta and tiramisu, but they were definitely both under $50 SGD.

The tiramisu left us wanting to come back. This is a must try dessert when visiting this classic Italian restaurant.

Taste: 8.2/10
Atmosphere: 7.5/10 
Service: 8.1/10


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