Chikuyotei (UE Square) | Modern Japanese Restaurant With Excellent Unagi [Singapore]

It is tough to find good unagi places in anywhere outside of Japan. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find a restaurant that serves delicious and simply unagi in Singapore.

We were seated at the beautiful counter area made of wood, encircling where the chefs went to work.

I ordered the full unagi don ($68 SGD). This may seem a little pricey, but remember that unagi itself is a luxury.

A starter of lightly dressed vegetables were served to us in a small bowl.


The small delicacy was dressed with dried bonito flakes and lasted only a few bites.

Next, a salad was given to us that contained many different types of vegetables.


What I found very pleasant about this salad is just the variety of greens, reds, yellows and purples. The color not only adds to the aesthetic but it gives a different mixture of flavors every bite.

What appeared to us next was a chawanmushi (warm tofu dish). Inside was mushrooms and chicken breast.


This chawanmushi was very simple and reminded me of the many I eat in Japan.

We then waited anxiously for the main dish. This was what we came for.


Many places put too much dressing on masking the taste of the eel. This was not the case this time around. The lightly dressed unagi went perfectly well with the freshly cooked Japanese white rice below. For those that like extra sauce, it is served on the side and can be added accordingly.

The precision it takes to cook the eels must be appreciated.

Lastly, a mango pudding was served to cleanse our palates.


The decoration really showed how this restaurant wanted to express the different values of Japanese cuisine. The mango pudding was mildly sweet and light on the tongue. How it should be.

Chikuyotei is overflowing with the sense of Japan. As a Japanese person it was truly a joy to get a taste of home.

Taste: 8.6/10 
Atmosphere: 8.9/10 Traditional Japanese
Service: 9.1/10 

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