Pietrasanta Italian Restaurant | Black Truffle Pizza and Seafood Pasta [Singapore]

We drove out to a distant Italian restaurant away from the city. As we sat down I realized there were the normal utensils along with a small shot glass filled with tomato sauce. I curiously asked the waiter what this was. He told me it was a dipping sauce for the bread.


I tried a bite of the hot bread dipped in the cold tomato sauce. The logically odd combination was actually pretty good. I quickly finished my portion of tomato dipping sauce with a few pieces of bread. This restaurant was apparently famous for their black truffle pizza which I was looking forward to eat very much (tartufo nero $24.90 SGD). The pizza arrived covered in black truffle shavings and everyone at the table dug in.


Each slice was very heavy and smelled of truffle. This pizza didn’t have a tomato sauce base, which brought out the flavor of the truffle shavings even more. I personally enjoyed this pizza very much. Each bite was extremely flavorful. For our other pizza we ordered the Margherita Pizza ($17.90 SGD).


The cheese barely covered the flavorful tomato sauce at the base. This is how a Margherita pizza should be. The sauce really reflected the natural sweetness that fresh tomatoes give off. After the pizza plates were cleaned, the pastas arrived.

I decided to order one of the Spaghetti ai Frutti di Mare ($25.90 SGD). This was a seafood pasta consisting the ocean.


The variety of seafood was incredible. From squid to mussels, each bite was different due to the many ingredients that made of the dish. One concern I had was that the tomato sauce was a bit strong in flavor and this masked the seafood ingredients a bit. However, it was a solid seafood pasta dish.

I had a good experience at Pietrasanta and enjoyed their unique takes. The starting tomato dipping sauce and black truffle pizza were the highlights of this meal.

Taste: 7.7/10
Atmosphere: Wooden tables in a friendly family setting
Service: 7.8/10


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