Ramen Keisuke Kani King | Kani Broth Ramen [Singapore]

I was seated at a single seat and the first thing I saw were many complimentary appetizers.


The bean sprouts were well flavored and a little bit spicy. In the other container cabbage and seaweed were mixed together with sesame oil to make for a satisfying and quite addictive complimentary vegetable side. Crushed sesame seeds and boiled eggs were the complimentary toppings for the ramen. I ordered the crab broth clear soup ramen ($12.90 SGD).

20170330_132022 (1)

A heated boiled egg came on the side. The egg was overcooked which was a disappointment. The ramen was topped with scallions and onions along with two slices of char siu. I could catch a faint hint of crab in the clear soup. The noodles and the toppings were both satisfactory but I failed to grasp what was special about the soup. I was hungry that day so I finished the bowl of ramen and even got a kaedama (extra noodle) ($2 SGD). However, I only ordered the kaedama because I was very hungry not because of the gratifying flavor of the soup. Overall, a moderate experience but I would like to come back again sometime to try their other dishes.

Taste: 6.7/10
Atmosphere: Busy ramen shop with a steady flow of customers

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