Arteastiq | Fancy Cafe With a Wide Selection At Mandarin Gallery [Singapore]

After a tough day, I wanted to get some productive work done in a quiet cafe. The cafe I came upon was more than this.

I was greeted to a corner seat with a view of Orchard road. The cushioned seats and free wifi were the first good signs of my productive afternoon.

Menus too large to hold with a large variety of teas, coffees and sweets. I remember taking a long time to order. It takes about five minutes to look through the entire menu.

I finally decided to settle with the match cheesecake, which proved to be a wrong choice ($12 SGD).


The cheesecake had a mushy texture that had an awkward balance of matcha, cheese and raspberry. There were also unnecessary chocolate flakes covering the top. I am sure there are better options than this cake, so do not make the same mistake I did.

Dissatisfied, I decided to order a cappuccino ($8 SGD). I drink coffee to make myself feel better often.


Finally I was happy. The cappuccino came in a large cup and had a sugar cube and two meringue puffs. It was served on a nice antique looking wooden tray which is unique to this cafe.

Taste: 5.3/10
Atmosphere: Well decorated cafe, quiet and comfortable
Service: 6.5/10


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