Tanuki Raw Restaurant Review | Truffle Beef Don at Orchard Central [Singapore]

So I have heard a lot about Tanuki Raw and how their yakiniku truffle don was pretty good. The reason I hadn’t gone yet was because as a Japanese person I doubted the authenticity of it. However, on this day, I felt like being adventurous and decided to take a seat at the hyped up modern eatery.

I was seated at the bar which seemed to be the place for single eaters.

Yes, I did order the truffle yakiniku don ($18 SGD).


The seared US black angus beef was surprisingly soft and similar to wagyu. Breaking the soft boiled egg in the middle and spreading it all around is the best. A perfect amount of soy sauce was poured on the top. What didn’t peak my interest was the rice on the bottom. The rice was mixed with furikake (Japanese rice dressing). I personally really like my rice bowls with white rice and this was definitely a turn off. Nonetheless, I was surprised with the quality of the beef for the price.

Taste: 7.4/10
Atmosphere: 7.1/10 Modern, with a rather loud atmosphere
Service: 7.3/10

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