Mon Bijou | Fancy French Cafe Serving Coffee and Sweets [Singapore]

Mon Bijou is a nice French cafe with a large selection of precisely prepared pastries. I personally just wanted to watch my television show while sipping some coffee. I was lucky enough to come across such a tasty cafe.

What I ordered was a fruit tarte with the pleasing taste of many eggs and delicately cut fruits.


The powdered sugar and the excessive amount of butter used to cook the base are both addictive qualities.

What I had been waiting for finally came. A nice hot cup of hearty cappuccino.


Now what a perfect experience. Fruit tarte, cappuccino and, Californication (TV show) while sitting at a quiet setting with sofas. Just lay back and forget about the rest of the world while indulging in cafe time. This is how it is supposed to be.

Taste: 7.8/10
Atmosphere: A fancy French cafe not too crowded most of the time
Service: 7.5/10 Counter service

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