Tempura Tsukiji Tenka | Genuine Tempura At Japan Food Town [Singapore]

The newly made Japan Food Town located at Wisma Atria is attracting a lot of attention with many selections of authentic Japanese food.

Among the few restaurants is Tempura Tsukiji Tenka a tempura specialist. When ordered the tempura here is freshly deep fried by the chef at the back.

We ordered the Kakiage Tendon ($13.80 SGD) and Special Tendon ($28.80 SGD). Kakiage is a mixture of vegetables and seafood deep-fried together. The Kakiage Tendon also came with two shrimp fries which was a nice addition.


The rice may seem to come in a small amount in this photo, but the bottom of the bowl is actually pretty deep. I liked how the shrimp and Kakiage weren’t excessively dosed in sauce. Every bite was also very hot because the bowl was served immediately.

The Special Tendon was the full package.


The Special Tendon consisted of three shrimp fries, an aji fry (white fish) and a nice selection of fresh vegetables. For those with a large appetite this is a recommendation.

Being from Japan, I really appreciate the fact that authentic Japanese food is readily available in Singapore. We even got 20 percent off of our meal by using the Japan Food Town app in store! I really look forward to trying the other venues in Japan Food Town.

Taste: 8.1/10 
Atmosphere: Quiet Japanese restaurant 
Service: 8.2/10 

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