Open Door Policy | Gluten Free Restaurant with Soy Milk Lattes [Singapore]

Open Door Policy is a very environmentally friendly restaurant, using natural ingredients for their food and soy milk for their coffees. They represent the restaurant to be 100 percent gluten and dairy free.

The Spiced Avocado King Prawn ($30 SGD) had a generous portion of spiced avocados and came on a beautiful blue plate. This dish is best when eating all elements of the plate together in one bite. The many herbs and spices used really bring out a deeper complexity that an average avocado toast cannot offer.


A carefully stacked French toast came with berries and soy milk ice-cream ($24 SGD). I was not particularly impressed with this dish. The toast itself was nothing special and I kept thinking to myself that I could make this at my house. Nonetheless, the presentation itself was pleasing.


For those that are keen to eat gluten and dairy free, this restaurant offers a plethora of choices. The taste is also decent with great presentation which is always a plus.

Taste: 7.2/10
Atmosphere: Wooden tables and plants hanging on the walls
Service: 6.8/10

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