Cafe de Casa | Brazilian Coffee and Crepes [San Francisco]

For our last morning in Seattle we decided to take a short walk to a nearby Brazilian cafe.


At this cafe, every cup of coffee is freshly made with a filtering paper and fresh coffee beans ($3.50 USD medium size).

We also ordered three different types of Brazilian crepes. Different from the traditional french crepe, the Brazilian crepe is gluten free and is made of tapioca. The original whipped butter crepe lacked flavor ($5 USD). All I could taste was butter.


Luckily, the other two crepes had more prominent flavors and were more enjoyable. The Omelette crepe ($10 USD) with eggs, ham and cheese was the best of the three. It was like a breakfast sandwich except the carbohydrates were less noticeable with every bite.


The coconut and sweetened condensed milk crepe was very sweet (Moca $7 USD). This went well with the black Brazilian coffee.


This can be a nice quick stop for those off to work in the morning. The coffee is excellent. I wish the cafe near my house served coffee like this.

Taste: 6.3/10
Atmosphere: A laid back cafe with seats outside.

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