House of Prime Rib | Thick Slices of Hearty Prime Rib [San Francisco]

The House of Prime Rib is one of San Francisco’s most popular restaurants. Thick, juicy prime ribs are specially cut on a cart attended by the chefs.


The prime rib is served in three different sizes along with a thinly sliced option. Customers can also choose between having creamy corn or spinach and baked or mashed potato.

I decided to go with the King Henry Cut which is the largest on the menu. For my sides I chose the creamy spinach and baked potato.

As a complimentary starter, a plate-full of beets salad doused in a generous amount of dressing is served along with a hot stick of corn bread. I personally found the salad to be a bit bland and very filling. As a result when the prime rib was served I was already half full.


A large metal cart pulled up to the table as the chef greeted us with a kind gesture. Taking out his large knife, he quickly cut through the large stack of ribs and handed me my plate of prime rib and sides.


Succulent and rare are just a few words to describe this incredible prime rib. What was more pleasant was that at the end was a large bone. The meat near the bone was seasoned more heavily with salt and was definitely the best part. The creamy spinach on the side was very heavy which made eating the whole dish a challenge.


The baked potato was topped with sour cream, chives and bacon. The potato itself was perfectly cooked and molded with the toppings to create a perfect bite.

For the price, this place is definitely a must have experience when visiting San Francisco. The busy atmosphere of the many waiters delivering dishes and large metal carts roaming the dining room is definitely unique to the House of Prime Rib.

Taste: 8.1/10
Atmosphere: 7.3/10
Service: 8.3/10

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