Michael Mina’s | Tasting Menu Lunch Course [Singapore]

Tall windows reflected the modern look of a business lunch location.

As first timers at this restaurant we decided to indulge in the tasting menu ($55 USD/person).

Oysters with citrus flavoring started off the course meal.


Soon after a tuna tartar dish paired with an assortment of peppers, Asian compressed pear, roasted peanuts and quail egg was served.


The seafood dishes continued with a seared artic char.


The presence of vegetables gave the dish a crunchy and surprisingly sour touch.

Hangar steak with truffle and Brussel sprouts served as the main dish of lunch. The bitterness of the Brussel sprouts countered the saltiness of the sauce, helping the steak express its presence through layers of complex flavors.


This dessert can be nostalgic for many. Root beer float came with a chocolate straw and mini cookie.


Every dish was carefully prepared. The chefs worked hard to make every bite special to make this an extremely enjoyable tasting menu.

Taste: 8.6/10
Atmosphere: 8.2/10
Service: 8.9/10



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