Spruce | American Food with Impressive Cheese [San Francisco]

As we walked through the entrance, we were surprised to see a large crowd of people. Some were gathered around the bar, while others were seated at tables patiently waiting for dinner. We were seated in a separate, smaller room in a quiet corner prime for conversation.

Complimentary popcorn was presented to us with a hint of Japanese seaweed flavoring. I could taste why the bar area was popular through this popcorn. Bread and butter were also served.


My starter was warm burrata cheese contained in crunchy onion naan. Fruits and veggies balanced out the heavy nature of the cheese ($17 USD).


For my main I ordered the Sonoma chicken ($39 USD). This dish was Greek inspired, with falafel to accommodate the chicken.


Interestingly, there was also a hint of Chinese cuisine in the sauce and spinach presence. To leave us with a present aftertaste, the restaurant gifted us with two sweet bites when the check was presented.



Spruce incorporates cheese into their dishes in many different ways which resulted in a relatively heavy meal. We definitely walked at least some of the way back to the hotel.

Taste: 7.5/10
Atmosphere: 8.4/10
Service: 8.5/10

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