Le Panier- Seattle

We went to go see the first Starbucks. The funny part is we only bought souvenir mugs at Starbucks and had breakfast at a different café. On the way, we walked across a French café called Le Panier and was attracted by the smell of freshly cooked bread being taken out of the oven.


An impressive assortment of croissants, baguettes and other pastries were showcased at the back of the café.


The sandwiches make their way to the shelves later in the day.


We ordered around 8 assortment of breads and really enjoyed the unique flavors each had ($3-$5 USD each).


The chocolate croissant went very well with the large American-sized lattes we ordered. The ham and cheese bread had cheese infused to the bread itself with some on top also.


I recommend this café to bread-breakfast lovers. La Panier is open bright and early and has superior bread and coffee. The café also serves macarons if pastries aren’t quite sweet enough.

Taste: 8.3/10
Atmosphere: open door, café next to the water

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