Altura- Seattle

Where do I start? I can still feel the unique flavors on my tongue the morning after. Each dish was a creative creation that was wonderfully prepared.


The attractive restaurant had a wide open kitchen with a bar and tables surrounding the exterior. Alturas’ concept is to present the best seasonal ingredients in a beautiful arrangement. Their menu for every diner is the same ($137/person) and changes weekly.


We were presented with a few bite size treats to get the meal started. This was an assortment of pleasant flavors. Spiny lobster cannoli, foie gras hazelnut biscuit and Mediterranean mussel name some of the bites presented.

Shortly after the course menu began. The first dish was a wild onion sformato soup topped with ikura.


After the delightful first dish we were excited to see what kind of dish would appear next. A squid ink gnocchi with dungeness crab and pink scallops accompanied an assortment of breads. 20170318_175746

Agnolotti with braised veal breast and wild mushrooms were covered with different kinds of greens. The vegetables in this dish really proved the significance of using seasonal fresh ingredients.


Grapefruit sorbet came in a small bowl as a mid-meal palate cleanser.


For the main, we were prompted to choose between rabbit and foie gras wrapped in cabbage and smoked zabuton steak. The beef dish was the better choice. Spring garlic accompanied the wagyu steak to really bring out a bold and gratifying flavor.


Duck brodo came in what seemed to be a Japanese tea cup.


An impressive assortment of truffle cheese and honey had a very strong taste that are unforgettable.


A vanilla panna cotta with a creamy and slippery texture was dressed with 25 year old balsamic vinegar to create a complex delicacy.


To finish off our long three hour meal was Alturas’ version of affogato. Inside the mug was a pleasant hot chocolate.


Part of the enjoyment of Altura is not knowing which dish is being presented next. Luckily, the menu changes frequently so I am not spoiling anything for future visitors. However, you can expect a meal of the same quality when you visit this Italian restaurant in Seattle.

Taste: 9.4/10
Atmosphere: 8.6/10
Service: 8.4/10

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