Atmastel- Singapore

Atmastel is a unique kind of Italian restaurant that opened in January. The open kitchen and the clean modern look of the restaurant matches how the food is made in a natural manner.


The pizza served in Atmastel is personally made from Chef Matteo. The cheese on the Margherita pizza ($26) was glistening as it was presented to our table. The tomato sauce was made from San Marzano tomatoes and gave off a sweet but especially savory touch to the pizza.


Executive chef Andrea carefully prepared our grilled pork chop ($45). The pork was dressed with rosemary and garlic. It came with two sides of broccoli and truffle salt French fries. Although the texture was a bit tough; I enjoyed the heavily herb dressed main.


Frozen espresso was the main element of the tiramisu ($14.90). The smooth cream with chocolate sponge was unbearably smooth. The care taken by the dessert chef when making this dish showed in the taste.


The waiters and even the kitchen gave off a welcoming atmosphere which made it easy to enjoy a freshly prepared meal.

Taste: 7.4/10
Atmosphere: 7.2/10 
Service: 8.1/10 

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