Capri Trattoria and Pizzeria- Singapore

This was hands down the best pizza I have tasted in Singapore.

Our visit started off with a complimentary deep-fried fish dish. The sauteed eggplants really brought out the flavor of the perfectly salted fish when eaten together.


The creamy home-made fettuccine was one to remember (Fettuccine alla nocerina $25). The chopped mushrooms and sausage blended into the cream sauce and together made a rich dressing. The scent of truffle was also one of the strongest I had every experienced.


Pizzas came one at a time. The first to present itself was the anchovies pizza (Napoletana $18). This pizza had a taste that only adults can understand. The sour anchovies accommodated the melted cheese in a strangely soothing way. The next pizza was lighter. There was no tomato sauce but instead was covered with aged beef and rocket leaves (Anacapri $25). Rocket leaves balanced the heavier anchovie pizza.


For desserts we ordered the lemon cake and tiramisu. Tiramisu was exceptional ($10). Whipped cream and cake didn’t seem like two different entities with this tiramisu. The lemon cake on the other hand was less impressive; I was looking for a stronger lemon taste ($10). Sugar flaked dough crisps came as a complimentary gift.


On the restaurant walls, painted windows looked out to the imagined water-side town of Capri. Take a visit to Capri Trattoria to see how far good food can take your imagination.

Taste: 8.4/10
Atmosphere: 7.3/10
Service: 7.0/10


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