My Little Spanish Place- Singapore

For Sunday brunch, we drove to My Little Spanish Place on Bukit Timah road to gratify our paella needs.

Walking into the restaurant was like walking into a Spanish red brick cooking house. The varieties of iberico ham were portrayed at the back of the restaurant. Allured by the display, we tried 50 grams of the 12 year aged iberico ham ($12/25g). The ham went exceptionally well with the red Spanish table wine we ordered.


The tapas were served next. The cod fish croquettes had an interior that was extremely creamy; squid ink sauce was at the bottom to give it extra density (Criquetas de Bacalao $14).


The crunchy potatoes were flavored with a spicy sauce along with plenty of cheese. (Bravas Caseras con Manchego $10).


The best of the tapas was the chorizo sausage (Chorizo Frito $15). The sausages were cooked to the point where all the oil was extracted and gave off the flavor of the meat itself.


The meatballs were chewy and a bit hard (Albondigas a La Casa $14). I could tell that starch wasn’t cooked together with the meatballs. Lastly, the prawns cooked with garlic and chili was delightful (Gambas al Ajillo $16). The taste of garlic and chili seeped into the prawns more than expected.


The squid ink paella had calamari, mayonnaise and lemon on the top (Arroz Negro (L) $82). The squid ink flavor was delightful and went well with the acidic taste of the lemons. We were all very filled and satisfied by the time the pan was scraped.


Genuine Spanish cuisine on a laid-back Sunday. What more can one ask for?

Taste: 8.3/10
Atmosphere: 7.9/10
Service: 7.2/10

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