Candlenut- Singapore

Hidden in the corner of Dempsey Hill is a gem of a Peranakan restaurant called Candlenut. Straw lights hanging from the ceiling added tranquility to the already open atmosphere.


The first dish was a chicken satay dish with raw onions and cucumbers ($16). On the side was a pineapple peanut sauce. This tasted extraordinary. The chicken was cooked well and made a daring combination with the sweet yet crunchy sauce. For a more fresh bite, the raw cucumber and onion did the job.


Chicken wings were deep fried delicately with a strong scented lime ($12). I failed to see what was special about these chicken wings however.


What really wowed my taste buds was the squid ($20). The squid ink sauce came with a perfect level of sweetness. The sour and spicy taste of the tamarind and chili gave off a complicated Peranakan flavor.


For dessert we ordered textures of coconut and a tapioca dessert. The coconut dessert had a smooth and lightweight taste. The ice-cream that came on the side of the tapioca dessert was exceptional (desserts $12-$16).


The meal was pleasant, but we were left with an unanswered question. Could I have had this meal at a local, much affordable place? Complex tastes were achieved by this Michelin-starred establishment. The chicken wings lacked the special factor I was looking for.

Taste: 7.9/10 
Atmosphere: 8.0/10
Service: 8.2/10

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