La Strada- Singapore

The beautiful yellow and green entrance  was the start to an enjoyable lunch at La Strada. The three course lunch set seemed appealing ($35). Mussels came in a pan with diced garlic and tomato sauce. The pan was surprising Le Creuset, an indicator that the restaurant took their cooking seriously.  The garlic and tomato emulated with the white wine gave off a very satisfying flavor.


The Carbonara was one to die for. Known to be the signature dish of La Strada, it definitely dazzled my taste buds. The crunchy bacon and soft Parmesan cheese sprinkled a top a creamy load of spaghetti doused with truffle oil. In the middle lie a half cooked egg which made the pasta even more rich.


To top off my lunch at La Strada came a chocolate Salame which contained almonds and pistachios.


This last dish coupled the complimentary coffee and left a happy visitor.

Taste: 7.9/10 
Atmosphere: 7.1/10
Service: 8.1/10

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