Pizza Fabbrica- Singapore

This weekend, we decided to make our way to Pizza Fabbrica on Arab Street. Hidden among the many cafes and Turkish restaurants was a gem of a pizza restaurant. As we were seated, it was pleasant to see that the group of chefs were already hard at work in the kitchen. There was also a list of wines and the different types of foods they go along with.

The first dish that was served was an ornately decorated home-made fettuccine doused in truffle cream sauce (Fettuccine Alla Piemontese $30). We knew the dish was coming even before we saw it because of the strong scent of truffle oil that filled the room. The dry aged beef and the large Parmesan flakes barely covered the surface of the pasta. The creamy background of the cream sauce along with the sturdy texture of the home-made pasta would make any pasta lover smile. The dry aged beef and the Parmesan cheese helped to bring depth to the dish and gave off a sophisticated addition.


As we cleaned the pasta dish, we sat excited to see what was in store for us with the pizzas. The first pizza that appeared was the four cheese pizza (4 Formaggi $22). Known to be one of the most popular pizzas, it lived up to its fame. The fusion of Gorgonzola, Grana Padano, Provola and Mozzarella made a delicious but unrecognizable mystery taste that left me wanting more even after the pizza was finished. Definitely recommend this dish.


The second pizza that appeared on the table was a simple cheese pizza with a tomato base topped with rucola and prosciutto (Prosciutto Crudo Con Rucola $26). The bitterness of the rucola complimented the strong taste of the prosciutto very much. Having a tomato base pizza was also very nice after the four cheese pizza. What I really liked about these pizzas was the light crust. The crust could be dipped into the balsamic vinegar for another pleasant taste.


After cleaning this dish our meal at Pizza Fabbrica came to an end. The food was pretty good, but I could see why there weren’t many customers. There were many other cheaper options on Arab Street for lunch. Definitely worth a visit if you are an Italian pizza lover.

Taste: 7.8/10
Atmosphere: 7.0/10 
Service: 8.0/10 

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