Ola Cocina Del Mar- Singapore

Ola Cocina Del Mar is one of the Spanish places that I wanted to try for a long time and finally had the chance to go. The meal started off with a delightful crispy pork belly overlying a bed of mild yellow mustard (Chicharron $24). The peanuts sprinkled on the top brought all of the flavors together. For the other appetizer we ordered a crispy calamari (Calarmacitos $25). Small squids were deep fried and garnished with black squid ink sauce to balance out the texture. Both appetizer tapas were delicious to say the least.


Next came the paella. The paella “mar y muntanya,” was pleasant (Paella “Mar y Muntanya” $42). We decided to go with the seafood of the day option. The paella came with chick peas, saffron, pork sausages and clams. The bottom and sides of the paella were crispy and well cooked. Soon after, the next paella came. This time instead of a rice based paella, a noodle based one appeared (Fideua Negra Con Calamares $40). However, we were disappointed at the fact that the calamari on top of the paella was the same as the appetizer that we had. The waiter could have informed us about this. Nonetheless, the paellas were good and the plates were cleaned. The highlight of the night were the desserts. We ordered the churros and the apple crumble. When the churros arrived, the table gasped (Churros $15). The Churros were topped with powdered sugar and circled by a smooth chocolate sauce. More of the sauce was available on the side for dipping. When I took a bite of this churro, the mixed flavor of chocolate and dough seemed to explode in my mouth. This was by far the best churros I had eaten and therefore served as the pinnacle of the night.


The apples on the apple crumble were diced to perfection (Tarte De Manzana $15). The crumby tart and the vanilla ice cream on the side complemented each other very well.


Overall the meal was a very pleasant one. The server was attentive and the atmosphere was relaxing. This place may be a bit of a drive for many, but worth the trip.

Taste Rating: 7.7/10
Service Rating: 8.0/10
Atmosphere: 7.8/10 

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