Les Amis Restaurant- Singapore

On a busy February night, we decided to visit the famous Les Amis restaurant run by Chef Sebastian Lepinoy. We were pleased to be seated in a shiny private room surrounded by assortments of wine glasses. The chandelier that floated above the table was a gracious addition to the already fancy dining room.

20170213_191258 (1)

We decided to go with the five course classic menu (Le menu classique $185/person).

20170213_191305 (1)

After a few minutes the complimentary starters arrived. Along with the black truffle bread in the middle of the table, there were an assortment of small bites and lobster soup that all went exceptionally well with the 2005 vintage Dom Perignon that we brought.

20170213_191528 (1)


The first course of the day was a black truffle tart with sweet onions and a hidden egg yolk in the middle. We were pleased with the carefully prepared presentation and the even more delightful taste. The front of the menu stated that black truffle is like black diamond, which I truly thought when taking the first bite of this tarte.

20170213_192521 (1)


Next came a langoustine tail delicately wrapped in zucchini slices and topped with caviar. This was the softest, most tender langoustine. The dish went very well with champagne.



For the third course was a white fish dish that had a crisply seared top. Next to it was four varieties of sauce. The waiter advised us to mix all four and eat it with the fish. The result was a complex fusion of different flavors that went well with the fish in a way we couldn’t put to words.

20170213_195941 (1)


For the main dish there were two selections. One was a beautiful array of potato crisps and onions encircling pork belly. The other was sweetbreads accompanied with mashed potato and carrots. Both were tasty but lacked excitement compared to the first two dishes.

20170213_201356 (1)

As we were expecting the dessert a small chocolate mousse spoiled us.

20170213_203324 (1)


The dessert was a Souffle with a large indicator of grand marnier. The server told us to put the ice-cream into the Souffle for a hot and cold contrasting experience. Truly delicious.

20170213_204245 (1)


Overall our experience at Les Amis was unique. What Chef Sebastian did for this restaurant is a wonder. The night was decorated with smiles, great food and champagne.

Taste: 9.2/10 
Atmosphere: 9.5/10
Service: 9.6/10

2 thoughts on “Les Amis Restaurant- Singapore

    1. wow, this is such an honor. The dinner was excellent and I would very much love to go again! Thank you for your excellent menu.


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