Corner House- Singapore

We decided to visit the beautiful restaurant located in the middle of Botanical Gardens on a cool Sunday noon. The Sunday brunch menu ($88) was waiting for us as we sat down at the upstairs dining room. The dining room was surrounded by windows peering at the natural greens of Botanical Gardens.

A plain croissant, chocolate croissant and baguette arrived for us to start our Sunday feast. The croissants had an enjoyable crunchy exterior. Shortly after the appetizers arrived. They consisted of shredded duck in mayonnaise, foie gras with grapefruit, assortment of fresh fruits and fritters. The foie gras and shredded duck went pleasantly well with the baguette. The server answered to our yearning by bringing another whole plate of baguettes, excellent service.





When the bread and appetizers were finished, this was the start of our three courses. Yes, the Sunday brunch menu consists of bread, appetizers and three courses. The first dish was a choice between salmon eggs Benedict and 62 degrees farm egg. The salmon eggs Benedict had a perfectly cooked egg present in the middle with slices of salmon, rice crackers and Hollandaise sauce covering the surrounding.


The 62 degrees farm egg was topped with spring onions and had a more soup like texture. Both were amazing tasty and eaten quickly.


For the main course, M4 Australian wagyu beef was cut into slices and served surrounded by a spicy oil based sauce. The oriental flavor of the sauce went well with the tenderness of the medium rare wagyu beef. Could not ask for a more fulfilling main course.


At this point we were already full, but eating dessert was not a problem. The dessert dish was placed on the table and the presentation seemed to speak for itself.
When eating the dish, flavors of caramel, chocolate, vanilla all sprung out and made an interesting fusion. This was a great way to finish the grand brunch at Corner House.
Taste: 7.8/10
Service: 8.5/10
Atmosphere: 9.0/10

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