Blu Kouzina- Singapore

Want to sit on the sunny coast of Greece having a fine meal by the bay? This may be hard to experience without a plane ticket and sunglasses, but you can also drive to Dempsey Hill and have a similar experience. Blu Kouzina newly opened on Dempsey Hill is by far the best Greek food in Singapore.

We were seated at the back terrace where we were introduced to a mellow atmosphere. Soft winds blew past us as we were seated at a white table with comfortable couches. The waiter was polite and very keen on making the best recommendations possible.


The first dish that came was the pita bread and hummus. The pita bread was cooked to perfection and the finely burnt ends tasted well the olive oil garnished hummus. There was enough hummus to spread over all the pita bread and more. A captivating starter indeed.

This was just the first dish, it gets better.

Next came a sizzling plate of cheese topped with slowly cooked caramelized figs (Saganaki with Figs $18.80). The sweet flavor of the figs and the savory gestures of the perfectly seared cheese made a fearsome combo.

The grilled octopus came in a pleasantly large portion(Xtapodi Shara $29.80). The tender and juicy texture is rounded off with the soft embrace of olive oil. A splash of lemon can be added for an additional citrus flavor.


For our main course we chose grilled lamb chops that came with potatoes and other vegetables (Paidakia stin Shara $29.80). The knife seemed to be able to slice through the meat so easily. This was a sign of how professionally cooked these lamb chops were.


Lastly we enjoyed ourselves with a creative sardine dish fresh from Greece (Sardeles Shara $29.80). The taste itself was very good, but a bit hard to eat because of the small bones present inside the fish.


Overall our experience at Blu Kouzina was exceptional. This made me want to travel to Greece and maybe eat dessert next time.

Taste: 8.9/10
Atmosphere: 8.4/10
Service: 7.9/10

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